album: Anything I Want To Say, Nick Pipitone

credits : guitars, backing vocals, arrangement, keyboards/B3

"Don Moore complements Pipitone’s Costello-like vocals with genius guitar play."
-Shepherd Express

“Don Moore on lead guitar, an ace in the hole and a perfect foil for Pipitone’s musings…”
-FUFKIN, Mike Bennett


Anything I Want To Say [mp3]
One Way Street [mp3]
Sunday [mp3]
Amateur Night [mp3]

album: The Beat And The Time, The Lackloves
credits : guitars, backing vocals, arrangement and co-writing, production, keyboards

"(on "Nowhere Near Here") Moore practically gives a clinic mid-song on psychedelic solos"

"Kudos again to Moore's way with the leads here (on "If Ever I") he shows how smooth and effortless he makes them seem."

"Hearing Moore's lead guitar on this one ("Excuse Me Use Me"), made me want to hear him do "Freebird" as well."

"The Lackloves have built upon their previous sound, adding yet more harmonies and even more guitar, with truly stellar work from lead guitarist Don Moore." - FUFKIN, Gary Glauber

"Don Moore has done a great job making beautiful solos, successful riffs, and is very important for The Lacklove's sound.", George Kakaris

The Radio's Mine [mp3]
Still Missing You [mp3]
Nowhere Near Here [mp3]
Misfits Collide [mp3]
The Has Been [mp3]
Never Gonna Fall In Love [mp3]
I Could Be [mp3]

et al.

"Lead guitarist Don Moore is a surgeon with precise leads that interweave perfectly with the song structures." -Rainbow Quartz Records

"OK, and you thought I was impressed with the Wandering Sons drummer? This was even more remarkable." -Kiki's Magical Music Reviews, reviewing Don live with Goat Radio

album: Cover Up, Various Artists
Wild Ride (all instruments, production, vocals, etc) [mp3]